Jessica by ( Seh )

Nov 09, 2022
had a fantastic time with jessica, thank you for the time spent

Jelly by ( Paul )

Nov 05, 2022
Jelly was a delight. Beautiful like her pics & has a natural elegance.

Rita by ( Joel )

Oct 31, 2022
Rita is wonderful, intelligent, extremely beautiful. Must see her again & again

Anny by ( Marce )

Oct 04, 2022
Absolutely best, what else!

Newell By ( Alex H B )

Sep 28, 2022
Friendly, excellent services and looks good in real too.

Rita by ( T )

Sep 18, 2022
been seeing rita whenever im in town. She is always so beautiful and entertaining. would love to see her again many more times

New by ( Martin )

Sep 10, 2022
Behind those blur photos is a nice, polite & charming lady. Thank you for the arrangement

Olivia by ( Brian K J )

Sep 01, 2022
Good service, good attitude.

Rita by ( Chris )

Aug 20, 2022
Rita was fantastic, Time was not long enough & i would be glad to spend all day and night with her....!

New by ( George )

Aug 06, 2022
A beautiful girl hiding behind those blur pics & she is wonderful

Rita by ( Alec H )

Aug 05, 2022
Rita, a very beautiful mixed girl. Would be back for her again. Never stop thinking about her!

Anny by ( Toni )

Jul 31, 2022
Very friendly lady, excellent services and she looks great too

Yoyo by ( Mikey )

Jul 21, 2022
Had the pleasure of spending fabulous time with yoyo. She is highly recommended to everyone.

Newell by ( Marcel )

Jul 15, 2022
She is a nice girl, it was nice to spend time with her

New by ( Quin )

Jun 29, 2022
New was amazing throughout the whole session.

Rita by ( Tim )

Jun 20, 2022
No way I could have prepared for beauty like rita, she is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zaza by ( Ernie )

Jun 07, 2022
Looking forward to my next trip to meet zaza again!

Anny by ( Travis )

Jun 01, 2022
Anny is good, want to see her again.

Yoyo by ( Harvey )

May 20, 2022
Yoyo service was absolutely great! Try her & you will know!

Jelly by ( Adam )

May 12, 2022
Jelly looks better in real person. Good experience with her.

New by ( Kevin )

May 08, 2022
beautiful lady, always smiling. make me feel comfortable

Zaza by ( Stuart )

Apr 29, 2022
Zaza is very friendly and fun, had a great time with her

Olivia by ( Matt )

Apr 20, 2022
Olivia was awesome & accommodating as well.

Rita by ( Vick )

Apr 05, 2022
Highly recommend rita! She was absolutely beautiful.

Yoyo by ( Johnny )

Mar 31, 2022
She was amazing! I would love to see her again!

Rita by ( Derick )

Mar 21, 2022
Very beautiful & nice girl. How lucky I was to meet this stunning beauty.

Yoyo by ( Freddy )

Mar 16, 2022
A beautiful young lady. Yoyo used her tantric skills to give me a real mind blowing experience with her

Rita by ( Seth )

Mar 08, 2022
Rita was awesome, Great girl with a sparkling personality, very attractive & beautiful.

Yoyo by ( Chris Wilson )

Mar 01, 2022
am happy that i met yoyo, beautiful girl, attentive, fun & a joy to spent time with....

Olivia by ( J )

Feb 19, 2022
I will be back longer with her next time. Olivia is fantastic

Jessica by ( Brian )

Feb 10, 2022
Thank you for setting up the date, Jessica is wonderful!

Anny by ( Dan )

Feb 03, 2022
Anny was sexy & delightful, very nice girl to be with.

Candy by ( Eric )

Jan 31, 2022
easy to get along with candy, had a nice evening with her. thank you

Anny by ( Samuel )

Jan 22, 2022
Perfect anny!!! 10/10 for her!!!

Jelly by ( Paul Robinson )

Jan 08, 2022
Fantastic time with Jelly. She's beautiful as her photos, It was a fantastic booking. Recommended for anyone looking for a good time with a beautiful young lady..

Candy by ( George )

Jan 03, 2022
I had the pleasure of meeting candy & it certainly won't be the last. We had a great time. She's beautiful & sensual,

Rita by ( Ian )

Dec 23, 2021
Excellent meeting with Rita. Very accommodating & energetic. Would recommend without hesitation.

Rita by ( Samuel K )

Dec 17, 2021
The most beautiful girl i met in bangkok. Had an excellent time with her, would love to see her again.

Jelly by ( Corey )

Dec 10, 2021
I had a great time with jelly. Beautiful young girl

Candy by ( Andrew )

Dec 01, 2021
I love the chance to meet candy again the next time, She’s a lovely girl!

Candy by ( Danny )

Nov 29, 2021
This is the kind of date I always wanted. Candy was incredible & a sweet girl

Olivia by ( Marcus )

Nov 22, 2021
Olivia was so nice to me & attentive. Thanks for the good time

Jessica by ( Robert )

Nov 15, 2021
She knows how to keep me entertained! Time well spent with her

Grace by ( Hugh )

Nov 08, 2021
That was fun with grace. She is friendly, excellent services and beautiful looks too.

Grace by ( Franky )

Oct 28, 2021
The best experience i had so far. I need to book for longer time the next time!

Smile by ( Nik )

Oct 10, 2021
Smile is attentive and she will make you comfortable with her. Hardworking girl. Wouldnt mind to see her again.

Grace by ( Burt )

Oct 05, 2021
small petite girl will try to impress you in every way she can & she looks better than her pics in the website

Rita by ( Benny Chang )

Sep 11, 2021
I loved every moment with rita. She is perfect !!!

Jessica by ( James )

Sep 08, 2021
Jessica have a nice slim hot body, she loves to go gym for workout!

Smile by ( Clive Henderson )

Sep 01, 2021
A very polite young lady, focus on what she is doing. I don't mind to see her again.

Rita by ( Andrew )

Aug 15, 2021
Rita was gorgeous, fun, and ready. I feel blessed i can see her.

New by ( Dann )

Aug 11, 2021
New was the perfect companion for me. She knows how to have fun.

Smile by ( Jon )

Aug 05, 2021
It was easy to get along with smile. I wished i booked her for a longer period.

Jamie by ( Samm )

Jul 20, 2021
She knew exactly what to do to give you a good time. I’m impressed with jamie.

New by ( Artur )

Jul 09, 2021
New is beautiful, cute, sexy & easy to talk to

Olivia by ( Matteo )

Jul 01, 2021
Lovely experience with olivia, very friendly & kind

Rose by ( Mr G )

Jul 01, 2021
Rose is good. I will see her again !

Smile by ( Richard M )

Jun 27, 2021
Smile has the best attitude absolutely amazing girl!

New by ( Kenneth )

Jun 11, 2021
Very beautiful & elegant. My own experience & opinion

Zaza by ( Bay )

Jun 10, 2021
Nothing to cpmplaint about zaza, she is great...........

Smile by ( Son )

Jun 06, 2021
She is amazing, beautiful, a kind and gentle girl. Smile is recommended.

Rita by ( Ricz )

May 31, 2021
No words to describe how beautiful she is. 10/10.

Rose by ( Dann )

May 30, 2021
Rose was very friendly & easy to talk to. I enjoyed my time with her. Lovely looking young lady.

Smile by ( Aron )

May 29, 2021
Smile is perfect and lovely. She gave me a good time. Overall i'm very happy

Rita by ( Jordan Lim )

May 20, 2021
Booking done within 5mins, prompt reply, good customer service. Met Rita & i can't believe my eyes, rita is a real beauty, good communication skill, awesome energy she have. definitely will look for her again. Great moment i had!

Jessica by ( Marcs )

May 18, 2021
Jessica is beautiful, nice personality & excellent service she provide. Real pleasure to be with her.

Rita by ( Ronnie Jim )

May 18, 2021
Such a beautiful girl, never miss rita if you are in town. You never regret after meeting her.

Smile by ( H )

May 16, 2021
Smile is lovely and very accommodating, she is also very polite and friendly. Beautiful young lady.

New by ( Adam )

May 10, 2021
Behind the hidden blur pics is a very beautiful lady who i have spent some great time with.

Smile by ( Nicholas )

Apr 25, 2021
More beautiful than her photos. Smile is very attentive

New by ( Dannie Wee )

Apr 22, 2021
The kind of date I always wanted. New was beautiful & amazing.

Zaza by ( Denny )

Apr 17, 2021
Amazing Zaza, better than her pictures and truly sensual. Lovely lady

Pu by ( Willy )

Apr 12, 2021
A wonderful 10 hours with pu. Her photos are good, but real life is much better. More importantly, she is a great companion to spend time with. Will be back for her

Smile by ( Jonnie )

Apr 07, 2021
She is very beautiful for sure. Great chat, stunning, very friendly & polite.

Rita by ( Chris )

Mar 29, 2021
Rita is absolutely stunning! The most beautiful girl I’ve met in thailand and she is friendly and nice. Highly recommend paying her a visit. Don't miss this gem

Lucy by ( Micky )

Mar 24, 2021
Nice chatty girl with a welcoming attitude. Lucy made me feel comfortable all the while and I had an amazing time. Thank you

Rita by ( Leng )

Mar 18, 2021
Rita is absolutely a stunning and very lovely young lady. She talk with confidence, great beautiful personality!

Olivia by ( Dennis G H L )

Mar 11, 2021
She is great & will make you happy. Nice lady

New by ( Andi )

Mar 05, 2021
New is beautiful & gorgeous. An OL u would dream of having fun with

Jessica by ( Harold )

Feb 28, 2021
I didn't want it to end, seems to short time with jessica, she was very entertaining from start to end of time.

Smile by ( Freddy )

Feb 20, 2021
I need to book for longer session the next time with Smile. She’s an amazing young woman.

New by ( Nick F )

Feb 11, 2021
New made it easy to spend the evening with her. She is beautiful behind those blur pictures

Pu by ( Baron )

Feb 05, 2021
Pu is amazing, excellent service!

Rose by ( Jai )

Jan 20, 2021
Openminded girl, very friendly & chatty. Everything as written in her profile. Wouldn't mind to meet her again.

Rita by ( Dennis )

Jan 10, 2021
Rita was lovely & easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the time with her. Her look was really beautiful. Nice looking young lady.

Rita by ( Louis )

Jan 08, 2021
Rita is beautiful, elegant & hot. I'm so impressed by her.

Rita by ( Alex T )

Jan 01, 2021
First meeting with rita on new year day. She is gorgeous, beautiful & stunning. Excellent service too!!

Pu by ( Jos )

Dec 31, 2020
Happy new year. Have a nice evening with pu throughout the year :) She is a nice & attentive girl who will try her best to take care of your every needs, make sure u are well pampered

Olivia by ( Sergi )

Dec 26, 2020
sweet and nice girl, on time for our date. good experience with her.

New by ( Robbie )

Dec 13, 2020
New is a gorgeous lady. She is friendly, fun & nice to talk with. I highly recommend new to anyone who wants to spend time with someone who is like your girlfriend

Rita by ( Tin )

Dec 08, 2020
Rita is the most beautiful girl i met so far in thailand. She speaks fluent english & that makes everything so easy, wish to have spend more time with her but definitely the next time will be a longer period.

Lucy by ( Sam H )

Dec 07, 2020
I had so much fun with lucy, can't wait to meet her again when i'm back to bangkok..................

Rita by ( Bobby )

Nov 25, 2020
Rita is a delightful girl with full of energy. The time we spent together was more than I expected.

Rita by ( Quinn )

Nov 22, 2020
Rita is incredible, much more better looking than her photos. I guess i need to book for a longer period next month.

Rita by ( Jaye )

Nov 21, 2020
Immediately book her for 10 hour after i saw her profile is back on. Been missing her for so long since she took a long break. Rita is still so beautiful, so nice to be with, still so active & energetic. Can't even remember how many times i have seen her but its all worth it, would very loved to see her again very soon.

Olivia by ( Oscar )

Nov 03, 2020
I have never been more impressed with olivia. She is real good.

Zaza by ( Jason )

Nov 03, 2020
Perfect zaza. I wish the date could have lasted longer. Can't wait to see her again.

Jessica by ( Roni )

Oct 20, 2020
I really enjoyed the date with jessica!!!!!

Jessica by ( R )

Sep 09, 2020
Have been seeing jessica more than 3 times, chemistry seems to become more good. She is really a nice girl & very attentive.

Pu by ( Joey )

Aug 29, 2020
Absolutely lovely & beautiful girl with nice body and attitude

Zaza by ( Mal )

Aug 07, 2020
Great nonstop action from zaza, will visit her again!

Olivia by ( Ma )

Aug 04, 2020
very satisfied with olivia performance

Zaza by ( Joel )

Jul 15, 2020
Great experience with zaza. Treat her well!!!

Olivia by ( Willis )

Jul 10, 2020
Amazing lady, nice attitude.

Olivia by ( Rie )

Jun 02, 2020
lovely girl, good time spent with olivia.

Jessica by ( Long )

May 21, 2020
Jessica is beautiful, a great partner. Will return to see her again. Thank you LT

Jessica by ( Robert G )

Apr 27, 2020
Beautiful with fair skin & not forgetting nice busty boobs.

Jessica by ( Mel K )

Mar 29, 2020
Better looking than her photos and with sexy attitude. She is attentive and focused on providing a great time. Highly recommend jessica. Treat her well

Pu by ( Mick )

Mar 20, 2020
Pu is very friendly & she take care of me really well. Thank you

Jessica by ( Robbie )

Feb 10, 2020
Jessica is beautiful, friendly, sexy & willing to serve.

Olivia by ( Matt )

Jan 14, 2020
Olivia is a good companion, she took care of me really well during the 24 hour. Thank you luxury thai

Zaza by ( West )

Dec 17, 2019
Zaza is a great company! Intelligent, honest & sexy!

Pu by ( Colton )

Dec 06, 2019
A beautiful girl that builds a warm connection and make you feel at ease

Jessica by ( Caleb K )

Nov 14, 2019
had a wonderful 2 days with jessica, will be seeing her again very soon

Olivia by ( Ben )

Oct 20, 2019
Saw Olivia on two separate occasions during my week in Bangkok. Excellent and accommodating provider, and even better person. Epitome of a GFE.”

Jessica by ( Joseph )

Oct 10, 2019
Am delight to see jessica. She is beautiful and she have an amazing attitude.

Jessica by ( Bennet )

Sep 06, 2019
beautiful, friendly, sexy & gorgeous jessica. recommended for everything

Angel by ( Evan )

Sep 02, 2019
Angel is a nice, funny & hot young lady....

Olivia by ( Hudson )

Sep 01, 2019
recommended for olivia service, she is amazing.

Pu by ( Jacky )

Aug 27, 2019
Feel relaxed with pu & she is very accommodating

Olivia by ( Joshua )

Aug 12, 2019
Amazing & accommodating girl. Worth a try again.

Angel by ( Oscar )

Jul 26, 2019
I really had a good time with angel. We went touring around bangkok & party after dinner. She is one of the best i met in bangkok. We have no communication problem cuz her english level is good. :-)

Jessica By ( Shaun )

Jun 28, 2019
Jessica is beautiful and sexy. She has a great body, smooth skin and sexy moaning voice. She can find great positions on top of you. She is very seductive and horny looking, she does not rush but takes her time to give you more pleasure than you can think of

Pu by ( Howard )

Jun 22, 2019
Excellent service. Thank you

Jessica by ( Seb )

May 25, 2019
From the moment when jessica start talking to me, i know im in for a great time. Really a great time.

Juli by ( Dave )

May 13, 2019
Juli is beyond my expectation, one of the best i met.

Pu by ( Nic G )

Apr 11, 2019
Met pu for a short session. A beautiful young lady. Nice time spending with her.

Jessica by ( Luka )

Mar 27, 2019
JESSICA, you are superb. See you again very soon. Cheers!!!

Jessica by ( Perry )

Feb 01, 2019
Jessica is highly recommended. I give her 10/10. Will try others & post my review here again!!!

Jessica By ( Song )

Jan 18, 2019
Seen jessica few times during my working trip to bangkok. She is great, always very friendly with great attitude. Good communication too.

Jessica by ( Cristo )

Dec 09, 2018
my third time with jessica. she is always so good, always look beautiful to me & great behind door action.

Jessica by ( Nolan )

Oct 30, 2018
fantastic jessica. friendly & willing to please you in any way possible. she is great!!!

Jamie by ( Jin )

Oct 22, 2018
nice gentle girl & a horny girl. thank u for the service

Jessica by ( Kingston )

Sep 21, 2018
Jessica is a joy to meet. She is far more attractive than her photographs, she is hot and sexy. She have a great sense of humour and she will tease you sexy. An amazing time together, she made my day.

Jessica by ( Tam )

Jul 23, 2018
Jessica is a gorgeous lady. Booked for 2 hour but had to extend to 10 hour. Great companion & very openminded.