Hana by ( Jos )

Oct 05, 2020
Fabulous. Hana is very beautiful, sexy and friendly. I loved her smile

Dolly by ( Brown )

Oct 01, 2020
Being with Dolly was such a great experience. She was kind and had a beautiful smile with a very sexy body too.

Soda by ( Jonnie )

Sep 28, 2020
Beautiful, tall & elegant lady. I had a good time with soda

Marie by ( Raygon )

Sep 20, 2020
Beautiful marie have smooth and white skin and not forgetting her nice soft boobs. She had great skill and will make u want to see her again. Wonderful time.

Venice by ( Rice )

Sep 15, 2020
I had a lovely time with Venice today. Absolutely a nice pretty girl with a great nice gym fit body. Recommended!.

Jessica by ( R )

Sep 09, 2020
Have been seeing jessica more than 3 times, chemistry seems to become more good. She is really a nice girl & very attentive.

Luna by ( Johnny )

Sep 05, 2020
Awesome, sweet & lovely girl. Wouldn't mind to spend more time with her again.

Pu by ( Joey )

Aug 29, 2020
Absolutely lovely & beautiful girl with nice body and attitude

Evelyn by ( Desmon )

Aug 23, 2020
Evelyn is stunning as the pictures if not definitely more beautiful

Hana by ( Steven D )

Aug 20, 2020
a very beautiful soft spoken young lady, deserved 5 star rating

Bai Fern by ( Wills )

Aug 15, 2020
beautiful young lady, girlfriend style. great companion, great service. rtf for sure

Hana by ( Hector )

Aug 11, 2020
Hana is very beautiful university student. Trying to meet her again during my free time. Really miss her now

Zaza by ( Mal )

Aug 07, 2020
Great nonstop action from zaza, will visit her again!

Olivia by ( Ma )

Aug 04, 2020
very satisfied with olivia performance

Jasmine by ( Tomy )

Aug 03, 2020
Jasmine is a funloving girl, feel good & relaxed with her company

Marie by ( Marko )

Aug 01, 2020
Marie treated me very nice from the start until finish. Would love to see her again. xoxo

Kim by ( Christ )

Jul 31, 2020
A very polite lady, nice gym body & great service provided & good skills.....

Champagne by ( Loi )

Jul 26, 2020
Enjoyed the experience with champagne. She is great & beautiful. Thank you

Zaza by ( Joel )

Jul 15, 2020
Great experience with zaza. Treat her well!!!

Olivia by ( Willis )

Jul 10, 2020
Amazing lady, nice attitude.

Soda by ( Wayne )

Jul 03, 2020
More beautiful than her pics. High class lady. Time well spent with her

Hana by ( Jiv )

Jul 01, 2020
Excellent. Beautiful young lady. Recommended!

Fyn by ( Cang )

Jun 21, 2020
My second time with fyn. I think she’s special and I like her so i decided to write her a rating..

Dolly by ( Martin )

Jun 20, 2020
Beautiful and charming lady. Dolly is a good company

Olivia by ( Rie )

Jun 02, 2020
lovely girl, good time spent with olivia.

Evelyn by ( Allen )

May 28, 2020
Sexy & beautiful evelyn. Just afew hour is not enough. Hopefully next time will be a longer period. 10/10 for me

Jessica by ( Long )

May 21, 2020
Jessica is beautiful, a great partner. Will return to see her again. Thank you LT

Evelyn by ( Thaeo )

May 14, 2020
Amazing evelyn. She is so beautiful in real person with nice smooth body and lots of fun. See you again.

Fyn by ( M )

May 04, 2020
Beautiful, friendly and funny. Treats you very nice.

Venice by ( Derik )

May 01, 2020
Venice is a lovely girl who will laugh with you & make you feel very comfortable with her. She is gorgeous & have a gym fit body. Overall very happy to see her.

Jessica by ( Robert G )

Apr 27, 2020
Beautiful with fair skin & not forgetting nice busty boobs.

Jessica by ( Kelvin Goh )

Apr 03, 2020
Better than my expectation. Excellent service.

Jessica by ( Mel K )

Mar 29, 2020
Better looking than her photos and with sexy attitude. She is attentive and focused on providing a great time. Highly recommend jessica. Treat her well

Pu by ( Mick )

Mar 20, 2020
Pu is very friendly & she take care of me really well. Thank you

Fyn by ( Peter )

Mar 01, 2020
Beautiful fyn, fun & accommodating. Thank you

Jessica by ( Robbie )

Feb 10, 2020
Jessica is beautiful, friendly, sexy & willing to serve.

Kim by ( Donald )

Jan 20, 2020
kim is great & sexy, she is very accommodating. nice to have her

Olivia by ( Matt )

Jan 14, 2020
Olivia is a good companion, she took care of me really well during the 24 hour. Thank you luxury thai

Catty by ( Henry )

Jan 11, 2020
Very beautiful young girl. Had a great time with her.

Evelyn by ( Andie )

Jan 05, 2020
Evelyn is very beautiful & i had a really nice & good time with her throughout 24 hour. Thank you so much

Zaza by ( West )

Dec 17, 2019
Zaza is a great company! Intelligent, honest & sexy!

Pu by ( Colton )

Dec 06, 2019
A beautiful girl that builds a warm connection and make you feel at ease

Fyn by ( James )

Dec 04, 2019
Sunshine girl, beautiful & friendly. Thanks for the companionship.

Catty by ( Dom )

Nov 21, 2019
As beautiful as her pictures, a lovely & a very friendly & chatty girl. Thank you.

Jessica by ( Caleb K )

Nov 14, 2019
had a wonderful 2 days with jessica, will be seeing her again very soon

Evelyn by ( Baker )

Nov 01, 2019
Very beautiful girl. Looks better in real than all the photos.

Olivia by ( Ben )

Oct 20, 2019
Saw Olivia on two separate occasions during my week in Bangkok. Excellent and accommodating provider, and even better person. Epitome of a GFE.”

Jessica by ( Joseph )

Oct 10, 2019
Am delight to see jessica. She is beautiful and she have an amazing attitude.

Jessica by ( Bennet )

Sep 06, 2019
beautiful, friendly, sexy & gorgeous jessica. highly recommended for everything

Angel by ( Evan )

Sep 02, 2019
Angel is a nice, funny & hot young lady....

Olivia by ( Hudson )

Sep 01, 2019
recommended for olivia service, she is amazing.

Pu by ( Jacky )

Aug 27, 2019
Feel relaxed with pu & she is very accommodating

Evelyn by ( Robert )

Aug 14, 2019
Yes, evelyn is very beautiful & a very nice lady. You will fall in love with her!

Olivia by ( Joshua )

Aug 12, 2019
Amazing & accommodating girl. Worth a try again.

Marie by ( Ric )

Aug 07, 2019
Looks better in real. Nice & friendly, feel relaxed with her.

Evelyn by ( Axel )

Jul 29, 2019
Incredibly beautiful evelyn, 100% real photos. Nice body, smooth skin. she is a very nice lady, just the perfect girlfriend you want for.

Angel by ( Oscar )

Jul 26, 2019
I really had a good time with angel. We went touring around bangkok & party after dinner. She is one of the best i met in bangkok. We have no communication problem cuz her english level is good. :-)

Evelyn by ( Allen )

Jul 18, 2019
met evelyn few times before she quit. saw she is back & decide to see her again. she is still so beautiful & so good. there wasn't any problem communicating with her because she speaks good english & mandarin. guess she is the only one i will see when i'm in town again.

Fyn by ( Denis )

Jul 03, 2019
she is always smiling & have some amazing skills. good

Catty by ( Jonas )

Jul 03, 2019
Petite girl, very beautiful face & slim. Will be back for a longer period. Thank you

Jessica By ( Shaun )

Jun 28, 2019
Jessica is beautiful and sexy. She has a great body, smooth skin and sexy moaning voice. She can find great positions on top of you. She is very seductive and horny looking, she does not rush but takes her time to give you more pleasure than you can think of

Pu by ( Howard )

Jun 22, 2019
Excellent service. Thank you

Catty by ( Mill )

Jun 19, 2019
Catty is so sweet & had an innocent face, she definitely made my day!!

Catty by ( Donnie )

Jun 17, 2019
Beautiful young university girl, a lovely girl to spend time with.

Jessica by ( Colin )

Jun 07, 2019
Jessica is a very nice & attentive girl. She is a good partner. Thank you for the great time.

Fyn by ( Spencer )

Jun 07, 2019
sweet little girl fyn. 100% genuine

Jessica by ( Seb )

May 25, 2019
From the moment when jessica start talking to me, i know im in for a great time. Really a great time.

Juli by ( Dave )

May 13, 2019
Juli is beyond my expectation, one of the best i met.

Dolly by ( Marcus )

Apr 17, 2019
DOLLY, absolutely wonderful !

Fyn by ( Khang )

Apr 13, 2019
fyn is always smiling for the whole duration. we went to many places in bangkok. had a great time with her. thank you

Pu by ( Nic G )

Apr 11, 2019
Met pu for a short session. A beautiful young lady. Nice time spending with her.

Jessica by ( Sam J )

Apr 10, 2019
Decided to try jessica after reading her reviews & indeed she is very attentive to me throughout the whole duration. Worth the time to see her again. Thank you

Jessica by ( Luka )

Mar 27, 2019
JESSICA, you are superb. See you again very soon. Cheers!!!

Fyn by ( Shang )

Mar 20, 2019
Fyn is beautiful, fun, natural & definitely looks better than her pictures. Great time with her.

Kim By ( Franco )

Mar 15, 2019
Am impressed with kim's good attitude & her good service. Thank you

Dolly by ( Jax )

Feb 15, 2019
beautiful girl sexy & busty!! make me wanna see her again!!

Jessica by ( Allan )

Feb 09, 2019
Jessica is indeed a very nice & beautiful lady. Outside or inside, all are perfect. Not forgetting to say that luxury thai is truly a genuine agency, no bait switching. Well done.

Fyn by ( Steve M )

Feb 03, 2019
Im happy i choose fyn. She is great, fun & friendly

Jessica by ( Perry )

Feb 01, 2019
Jessica is very highly recommended. I give her 10/10. Will try others & post my review here again!!!

Dolly by ( Martin )

Jan 27, 2019
A knockout moment for me with dolly. All i can say is great...............................

Dolly by ( Sean )

Jan 25, 2019
Dolly is gorgeous, sexy & fun. Spending time with her is just what im looking for. Dolly is recommended!!!!

Fyn by ( Tang )

Jan 24, 2019
Fyn was recommended by my friend. She is a lovely girl with that smile always on her face. Fyn is an absolute delight to be with. Definitely highly recommended for this nice young lady. Truly trusted agency. Thank you

Jessica By ( Song )

Jan 18, 2019
Seen jessica few times during my working trip to bangkok. She is great, always very friendly with great attitude. Good communication too.

Dolly by ( Denver )

Jan 15, 2019
Stunning dolly, she is too hot to handle. I will have to book her again. She is just perfect for me.

Jessica by ( Steven )

Jan 12, 2019
My confirmation for jessica. She is just great throughout the whole session. Well done & thanks.

Fyn by ( Migel )

Jan 07, 2019
Definitely I will be back for a longer period with fyn. She is a fantastic companion & a really fun girl !

Jessica by ( Tommy )

Jan 01, 2019
jessica is fantastic. many thks

Jessica by ( Cristo )

Dec 09, 2018
my third time with jessica. she is always so good, always look beautiful to me & great behind door action.

Fyn by ( Dav )

Dec 09, 2018
I had a great time with fyn. Her photos are genuine on the site. I had encounter bait switch many times from other agencies in bangkok but luxury thai is honest & genuine. I will certainly return to this agency. Thank you

Jessica by ( MP )

Dec 06, 2018
Friendly young lady. She has an open-minded nature, convinces with her eloquence and it is easy to get warm with her. With Jessica, you get the complete package: Culture, witt, eloquence, elegance, finesse, erotic.

Luna by ( MP )

Dec 05, 2018
What a cute babe! She makes you want to take her in your arms and protect her. To pamper and to spoil her. To laugh with her, have fun with her, to enjoy life with her. You can be sure your attention and affections will be rewarded with her breathtaking smile, her charismatic charms and her sensual abandon.

Luna by ( Andy )

Dec 04, 2018
Greeted by a nice girl & the experience was good. By the way, she looks good

Fyn by ( Jack )

Nov 25, 2018
Fyn was good & always put on a smile not fake. Thanks for the recommendation. Good & genuine agency.

Jessica by ( Bryan )

Nov 20, 2018
Jessica is absolutely wonderful & gorgeous. She made me feel very relax with her & i'm very satisfied with her. Thank you guys

Jessica by ( Dominic K )

Nov 16, 2018
Jessica greets you and makes you feel comfortable. She is incredibly nice and beautiful. I wish i had more time to admire the full beauty of every corner of her body.

Jessica by ( Peter Ronald )

Nov 05, 2018
Must pen a review for jesscia for the great time she had given me. Booked her for 5 days to koh samui and throughout the whole period, she treated me like she is my girlfriend or maybe can consider as my wife as she will always call me hubby to make others thought she is really my wife. We had so much fun and laughter and needless to say that she is great behind close doors. Thanks so much for all the time spent and you look great and beautiful to me. You will only be the one i will look for in future. Many agencies are fake nowadays but i can say that luxury thai is real. Thankssss

Luna by ( Mick )

Nov 02, 2018
Just like a pretty girl next door to me, thats what im looking for. She brought me to many places in bangkok, so much fun to be with her. Starting to miss her now.

Jessica by ( Nolan )

Oct 30, 2018
fantastic jessica. friendly & willing to please you in any way possible. she is great!!!

Fyn by ( Ryan J )

Oct 29, 2018
I must say that fyn is really a nice companion to be with. We were together for 24 hour but that seems too little time for me. Will see her for a longer period during my next visit. Thank you

Fyn by ( James )

Oct 24, 2018
A great meeting with fun & lovely fyn. She is an amazing lady.

Jamie by ( Jin )

Oct 22, 2018
nice gentle girl & a horny girl. thank u for the service

Jessica by ( Mak )

Oct 16, 2018
Jessica is beautiful & will arouse you. Enjoyed her company. Will see her again

Fyn by ( Donald )

Oct 13, 2018
Met fyn for the first time and definitely won't be the last. We had a great time and what i can say is she is beautiful, funny and a good companion. She bring me to many places. I can thoroughly recommend her if you are coming to bangkok.

Jessica by ( Marc )

Oct 12, 2018
Jessica is fun & openminded. She will take great care of you throughout the session. Nice & friendly girl :)

Jessica by ( Kingston )

Sep 21, 2018
Jessica is a joy to meet. She is far more attractive than her photographs, she is hot and sexy. She have a great sense of humour and she will tease you sexy. An amazing time together, she made my day.

Jessica by ( Liam )

Aug 15, 2018
Jessica just blew me away. She is a horny girl & she is beautiful & sexy as hell. Surely need longer hour next time !!!

Jessica by ( Pete )

Jul 30, 2018
Happy to see a friendly girl, so many girls are fake these days but not jessica. Definitely a great find by luxury, will see you again soon for a longer booking. Always my favourite agency :-)

Jessica by ( Tam )

Jul 23, 2018
Jessica is a gorgeous lady. Booked for 2 hour but had to extend to 10 hour. Great companion & very openminded.

Fyn by ( Malcom )

Jun 29, 2018
fyn give good service and a pretty girl. she look more pretty than her photos. thank you so much for the good time